Sunday, December 26, 2010


Yowza, but we've been traveling for days.
Up to Alpena for a far too brief tet-a-tet with Aunt Heathyr, Uncle Colin, Cousin Eleanore, and the Grandparents Lamb.
And Rigby! Don't forget Rigby!
We had great fun sledding and carrying about with Julian.
Rigby Rigby Rigby!
Oh, yeah, and Eleanore's corgi - What was his name?
There were great presents and gifts from everyone. We had a really good time.

From Alpena (I'll miss you, Rigby), it was off to Midland. Land of snow, toboggans, and sauerkraut balls (we don't know what they are, Dad told us to add that). We got to spend time with Aunt Julie, Uncle Nick, Cousins Aria & Aidric, Jubba, and Grandma Stanley. We attended a lovely evening service and then quickly to bed so that we were well rested for Christmas morning.
We were forced to wait until everyone had cinnamon rolls, then the gifts!
We got books (kitchen!), toys (kitchen!), and a robotic dinosaur (kitchen!). So many gifts - so much to be thankful for.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Huh - well who put that there?

So leaving the museum after dinosaurs Mom spots this piece of artwork just sitting there.
Okay maybe not sitting there - she said it was part of the DIA's anniversary celebration.
Well... it was still pretty cool - now to hunt up some more!

This site will tell you more about it and give you some locations.

Oh and on the way home, we saw SOLAR FLARES! Okay so it was actually reflections from satellites.

Dinosaurs sweet dinosaurs...welcome back!

Woohoo! So Evie and I finally got to go to the new dinosaur exhibit at the Cranbrook Museum of Science. Dinosaurs: Land, air and sea!

It was cool and spoooooky! So we went and saw the little play area first - till evie got comfortable with the noise. She's a baby so it takes her longer.

Mommy was impressed, I could immediately pick out the Dromaeosaurus, Protoceratops, Allosaurus and Elasmosaurus, velociraptor and some others. Then there were a bunch I hadn't heard off, like this one thats related to the dromaeosaurus but not its a bambi...saurus thingy.

Anyway it was really cool and we didn't have enough time (we went after school and only had an hour). We are harrassing mom to go back.

We were all ROAR and they were all Roar and there were other ids and then BOOM ex- exc-all gone then more and they are really cool!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Not posting much lately

Gosh, I just realized we haven't been going anywhere recently. Well, not physically anyway.Or even posting much.
But Evie and I have been traveling lots by book and little pirate ship.

Well we were just at our grandma and Juba Stanley and they gave us a globe. (Though daddy keeps pointing out that some of the places on it have changed names now). So the other day we traveled to Hawaii and to different places in Michigan. Though its lots harder to find a good playground on a globe than it is in real life.
vie and I have been traveling lots by book and little pirate ship.

Well we were just at our grandma and Juba Stanley and they gave us a globe. (Though daddy keeps pointing out that some of the places on it have changed names now). So the other day we traveled to Hawaii and to different places in Michigan. Though its lots harder to find a good playground on a globe than it is in real life.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Busy busy

Well the weekend is off to a whirlwind start. With all of us going to a volunteer appreciation playdate at Oakland County parks. It was very cool, there were games, and food and caramel apples and then the puppets (which gave mom and dad lots of ideas for a puppet theatre in the basement. And of course I'm going to need more puppets).


Right bird puppets of course (they had one that was a nest with little baby birds) they were so Cute. And of course mommy bird and the opossum was cool with her baby and the spider (it was the spider's birthday). The chipmunk kept going to sleep in the other animals nests so he wasn't as fun.

Kayak! Mommy took me kayaking and I got to steer and help paddle and scream when we got too far from shore. There isn't anything to see in the middle of the lake.

I got to toast marshmallows and so did Sloan. But I liked the kayaking and the caramel apples... yum!
Yawn... off to bed now.

Oh wait! The starlab.... we didn't talk about that. This dome where it gets dark and you sit in it and the stars come on and sometimes they have designs drawn (so like an eagle and bear) and it was really cool! Except when it was too dark and I couldn't see anything, I didn't like that very well. Okay Bye

Monday, September 20, 2010

Whistle, whistle I wish I knew how to whistle

Two teeth!
I've lost two teeth!
Now I whistle when I say certain words and its fun to show the boys and girls.
This is so cool I lost the first tooth the thursday before school started and on saturday I lost the second one. Daddy said yesterday that I'm beginning to develop the two teeth missin whistlin... so I say ttttthhhhhwwweeet!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


1. cool campsite in Addison Oaks (a very cool campground at Oakland County Parks)
2. Friends to camp with
3. Fresh apples, cheese, marshmallows and fire
4. one lost tooth (my second in a few weeks)
5. Ghost stories and games of tag (with and without flashlights)
6. Rain rain and lots of rain
7. Having fun with nature
8. Finding lots of treasure! (Or Schatz in german) oh and by treasure - I mean we found geocache's
9. Setting our own geocache up
10. Best weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pole A goes into Pocket C?

Yep, setting up camp in the backyard. We see we were practicing for our weekend camping trip. I even got a new sleeping bag for the occasion. I gave my little one to Evie. She was very excited.

We had a great time helping daddy put up the tents.. I don't know if daddy liked it but we had lots of fun. We thought it would be cool to sleep outside (well at least until it got dark that is... I mean the house is right there). So we played around outside and then took the sleeping bags inside and slept in them in the room... This was a good idea until my sleeping bag slipped off my bed. Then I decided to just sleep beside it... much better idea.

First Day!

First day of School.
Got my favorite Lizard shirt and racing pants.
My lunch is packed and my backpack is ready.
Breakfast was good and I'm really excited!
Got both my parents ready to go and... here we go!

I have decided I will be the alarm clock for everyone today. I happily woke everyone up at 6:30
(a good thing too or they would have been rushing around trying to get Sloan ready for school).
Um and I got tasty pancakes for my help.
I'm not sure what its all about, with the pictures and the rushing ad the crazy.

I wonder who is in my class? Will Mrs. G remember me?
Find my locker and find my seat, get my nametag on. Start coloring my pirate ship -
Oh hey, there's Joey, gotta go say hi.
Now its time for the parents to leave - have a good day Mom and Dad and Evie (no you can't stay with me, school is just for big kids but I'll tell you about it at home).

Gosh I hope they do alright without me - sometimes I worry about them so much. Evie said she'd watch em, but parents can be trouble.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm rich!

1 whole penny! (mom tells me its a quarter) but I like calling it a penny.
I woke up to find the tooth fairy has visited and liked my note so I got a whole quarter!

Sadly no party though.... well maybe next time.

Oh and mommy asked if the toothfairy was a dinosaur with wings and I pointed out that its a very short man with wings... pretty silly if it was a dinosaur. Tee hee

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tooth fairy oh tooth fairy...!

I am a BIG boy now! I lost my first tooth!
(In fact I lost it so well that, I still haven't found it.)
But daddy says that if we write a note to the tooth fairy explaining then he will understand.

Since mommy hasn't gotten around to making me a tooth pillow I got to use her peacock box (with secret back compartment). I hope I get something good.

Sadly after loosing the tooth, mom told me that my behaviour um... was... um...well yeah. I hope the toothfairy still comes. Maybe if I do a nice deed that will be okay? (Oh sorry, that's santa claus)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tea for....LOTS!

Tea, tea we're going to have fun with tea. Mommy is having a tealicious tea tasting party.
We got to have some great friends over to play. So there was lots of running around and tea and tasty tea treats.

So Paul, Sophia and Henry and I were having a great time building trains, stealing treats and playing downstairs. It was really cool...okay, gotta go steal some more teacup cookies.

Oh and here is the website of Evelin (who we call the tea lady-cause she sells lots of good teas)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The reunion!

Wow, I didn't know we had such fun relatives.
So we booggied out to Howell to see our Wines family. It was great the adults did (whatever it is adults do) but Evie and I got to play with our youngest cousins (well almost youngest).

Well there was the running up and down stairs and then there was the rock game. But Evie was really enjoying the box of colorful balls and having a great time with everyone.

Sadly the rest of folks couldn't get out to visit, but we had a great time seeing those we could. Besides, its always nice meeting some more local cousins.

Monday, July 12, 2010

IN search of...

Ah the illustrious basement. Long have I been asking mommy to let me play down there. Long has mommy said... "Um...I really need to clean that first". But today she promised that we could clean the basement.

Yes I said we could clean the basement. I asked her this morning if we could clean it out and I think she may have been so shocked that I offered to help. Since I kind of wasn't helping earlier today.

Well here I am, 1 potty stop away from getting to play down there and I woke up Evie. Sigh, now I have to wait till mommy feeds, changes and finds her pants to go down... Some times its really tough being a big brother!
The pic? Well that's me in a laundry basket...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Playdate and laundry

Wash the clothes
hang the clothes
Now I have to fold the clothes?
How is this fun again?

Luckily we got to have some friends over this morning and that helped me avoid some of the chores for a bit. Though that still means I have to clean my room... sigh.

Playing at the Peninsula

Hot, hot hot! The perfect day for a party.
And a great party we went too!

It was Waterford Oaks grand opening of their new playground, the Paradise Peninsula Playground. There was lots of stuff going on, food, puppets, bouncy houses, but it was getting to run around the cool playscape. I'm not sure if I liked climbing on the rocks of climbing up the tree stump better.

Evie seems to have liked the cattails best.

Actually I liked the lemonade icy treats best, but the cattails were really cool! One was bouncy and one was a spinning thing.

Oh and mom bicycled us there and back so we got to go right in and not have to worry about about parking. I think it was naptime for all of us once we got back home.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fest of the Austrians

Imagine a polka band, sausages a kids parade and lots of bouncing houses and what do you have?
The Austrian Festival!

My friends Paul and Sophia invited me to go with them to the Austrian Festival and it was lots of fun. There was food and the bouncy houses were really cool (even better once it rained and they were these big pools of bouncy water (sadly we couldn't go on them at that point.) But I had slipped on before realizing we weren't supposed to be there.

Daddy had lots of fun to with Mr. Dieter. Ooh and there was a really cool kids parade and we even got a prize! I got a Diego wipe book. Pretty cool.
Well, Tschub (close as I can get to the correct german spelling)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bouncing and hiking and Oakie! (Oh my)

Today me and Evie went to the Wint Nature center for its anniversary party.
I've gotten to go there before but never with such cool stuff.
This time they had cool projects to make (I made a caterpillar) there were animal skins and skulls to investigate.

Oakie the squirrel was there too! I got a pretty good picture with him, though when I tried to get one with Evelyn and mom and dad... it didn't work out so well. Evelyn saw him and started screaming. I guess she just wasn't too sure about a giant squirrel right beside her.

So no one told me there was going to be a giant fuzzy thingy right beside me? But that's okay cause later there were these ice juice things that were yummy. Sloan even shared his strawberry one with me.

Yeah, I did share a bit, but it was cause I wasn't allowed to have mine (and steal mom's and dad's and evie's too. What? I was quality control and they were tasty).

Oh and I forgot to tell you about the bouncy house and there was music and a contest to win a walking stick (which I got!) So then we had to go hiking with it - it would have been bad to not test it out.

(Then there
was hiking. Lots of hiking. I think we hiked till daddy and I said it was too hot and we were too tired).

Then Sloan found one of the many playgrounds in the park and we got to have a lot of fun exploring those. Totally cool day! Evie and me are trying to get mom and dad to take us back again... I know there were lots of playgrounds that we only looked at.

Eins, zwei... oh a kitty!

So Serena and her brother go to visit their cousin Max...
This is how my new learn German tape starts. Mom found it for me its got stories and illustrations and its really cool! I already know Hallo! (which is like Hello... but different) and I sort of know good morning (Guten Morgen) and I know ball (which is ball but said different) oh and suppe (which is soup).

Though its kind of tough to get the tape to continue playing when Evie keeps trying to turn off the player. Sisters, they just don't understand...

Gravity tests with Tape thingy
Oh, cheerios, yum.
more gravity tests with tape thingy!
While Sloan has been practicing his german I figured out how to climb into my walker/plaything all by myself!
Oops, I ended up backwards... how to... if I can... Waah!
Okay so mom put things right and I got to play in there for a bit, then back to randomly pulling things off the table and trying to run over cat's tails... ah, nap time.

Friends, music and whining!

Man I know mom and dad talk about looking forward to Friday's, but I didn't know they were so much fun!
First I got to have my friends Paul and Sophia over and we played some cars.
But mostly we rocked out in the treehouse and backyard. Complete with taking a drum down a slide... it was very cool! (Till mom made us put the instruments away - something about not sliding with a drum).
But the best was Paul and Sophia brought some chocolate to share! Yum!

Oh and then we went to visit these people that mom knows (where other people were coming and we were...) whatever, anyway there were lots of fun kids to play with and we got pizza and to play with different toys and it was really cool! Even got to stay up REALLY late (which I don't get very much).
Okay good night!

Kaaaaaaaaaaaaa zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzooooooooooooo oooooooooooo.
This is what a kazoo played continuously first thing in the morning sounds like to my daddy. Then he said something about a mini vu-va-vuvuzzzzz-something (parent note: a vuvuzula).
Its not my fault Sloan gave me a noise maker first thing in the morning, is it? At least we were having fun... if not quiet.
Drum, drum, piano drum, Kazoo! Whistle?!
I didn't know we had these cool instruments! I think daddy is hiding them again.

I did get to play with sloan's friends a bit (mostly I was napping). But we did get to go meet some need friends of mom and dad. There weren't any kids quite my age, but I had lots of fun with Zach, Margaret and Alex.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

School's out for Summer!

Yeah! Preschool is done, bring on the summer!
A great time of play, singing and presenting cool painted aprons to our cool teachers and it was off to a beach for an end of school party. Swimming in the lake, pizza and the COOLEST Spindry merry-go-round EVER!

Evelyn even had fun. I am pretty sure mom's got some photos -which I'll try to get her to post soon.

Have a great summer its time to start channelling Phineas and Ferb and see what we can build this summer. Good prep for Kindergarten.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome to the Lamb Bam Club!

Well for Mother's day weekend we went up to visit Jubba and Grandma Stanley.
Yeah I know it was mom's day and that they get the good stuff, but Jubba had found me this totally rockin' drum set at a Salvation Army. (Daddy actually tried to say it would stay at Jubba's - he's so funny).

Here are some shots of Evelyn and I rockin' out. We don't sound that great yet - but we are having lots of fun!
Boom Boom ratta tat! Sloan is protective of his drum set but he let's me play it sometimes when I'm cute (and when he wants to play the piano of course.)

This is just a pic that Sloan and Mommy took of Daddy, Jubba and I walking up to the local Coffee shop. We were giving Grandma some much needed naptime.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Its a birthday kind of day

My friend Honor is 1 year old! And what a wonderful party her family threw her. Why there were bubbles and balloons and cupcakes and presents!
Sloan got to play with his friend Henry and have lots of fun.

We even got to have lots of fun enjoying the weather by biking over to the party. Though dad did say things like... I didn't know there were hills...and ugh where did those muscles come from?

Wow, a fun ride and a REALLY LARGE Cupcake! The best part was the chocolate cupcake and playing Uno with Henry.

Oh and seeing Daddy collapse after our bike ride. Though it was very bumpy and that wasn't so good.
My friend Zander also had a birthday party that day but sadly I had to miss it. So Happy Birthday Zander!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Taking a break from Sloan and Evelyn's posts, I figured it was time for their Father to post something.

Sloan and Evelyn, while rambunctious at times, are great children. I look at them and see the hope, wonder, and earnestness of a new generation. I love them and know that they love me. More than that, I know we all love Mommy.

For well over a decade, I have known and loved Tiffany. Nine and a half years ago, she consented to be my wife. I cannot imagine a life without her - she so defines everything I love about the world. She fills my days with love, joy, and inspiration.

Twice now, we have spent time in hospitals. Each time has brought a little more love into the world. While she cannot compete with the other mothers as to how hard her labor was (three hours of labor for two children), it was a harrowing thing both times. For all of that, I would not change a thing.

While our children may not be old enough to understand the world, I do know that they see many things for what they are - cake is delicious, snow is cold, thunder is loud, and Mommy is amazing. I have to agree.

For all of these reasons and more, I wish you a happy Mother's Day.

I love you Tiffany.

Geoffrey Lamb

Sunday, May 2, 2010

With bells on.

So we all went to a farm for a fairy party. Evelyn was dressed in very pretty fairy wings and I was a pteranodon. Rar!

We met up with our friends Genevieve, Alex, and Zack (and their parents, of course). There were all kinds of plants and flowers to see and smell [it was an herb farm - Dad]. I got to meet some other kids and we all played with the fountain.

What my brother left out was the Maypole Dance...

Oh, yeah - the maypole! It was all green and purple and we ran about and went in circles and stuff!

While my brother was off chasing faries about the maypole, I must add that Daddy was a great sport. Since my "wee legs" cannot yet keep up with the other maypole dancers, Daddy carried me. I can say that he hops well and is champion at skipping.

Yes yes, Daddy can skip. He wasn't wearing bells, however. There were these people, called Morris Dancers, and they danced about with bells and sticks and scarves. It was all totally cool.

As disjointed as that sounds, Sloan is correct on all counts. There were people dancing about in white, red, and black. There were bells on their legs and they danced with white scarves and sticks. It was amazing.

Friday, April 23, 2010

We haven't posted in HOW LONG?!

Sorry we haven't posted in ages. Mom has been busy first with getting Evelyn's birthday party up and going and then with various entertainments for us youngins.

However, I have convinced her to post one of our projects. You see, I have been creating stories and she has been working on illustrating and editing them. Here is the title page for one of my favorites.

The Picnic.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The truth about dinosaurs

Many days ago dino's were created. Well they were lined up for parade. Their maker adjusting their lines.

He set then on to parade and let em help clean up his room.

Then they caught their Sloan and dragged him off to play with em with the matchbox cars and bakugon....

Um, the end.


So Mom was going through some photos and found this one from my friend Henry's birthday party.

Mom is still giggling about this one.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

11 months today!

So baby girl is 11 months old today. Wow, hard to believe she's that old and that I was ever that young.

Mom and Dad said I can help plan her birthday party. Hm... where will I get the pink dinosaurs?

Eveyn's Word of the day


When mommy asked how she should take Sloan to school today I agreed with sloan that they should bike.

Yeah the first bike ride of the year! I've been trying to get mommy to bike for the last few days. Some tires parents can be SO resistent. Finding excuses like "its not ready yet" "we need to put the seats on". Well no more.

Today we ride!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An odd day and another tooth

So its been a really fun day. After a rousing game of zombie catch at school I got to help mommy set up for a playdate.

Okay, I see some of you are intriqued by the 'zombie catch', well at school a few of the boys and I would be zombies and we would catch another player then they would be a zombie and the kid who caught them would not be any more. It was fun and there wasn't much pushing so pretty good there too.

Then this afternoon Damon and Lancer and his bro came over to paint planters and plant some seeds. It was really cool and we got to welcome spring and there were muffins and I helped mommy test some cookies she was making and.... well it was cool!

I have a new tooth, I think I actually got it yesterday, but it just really finished coming in today. I think it brought friends. My friend Shaun seems to be going through that too, so when he came over with his big brother we mostly sat on the floor and complained to each other. When we weren't following some parent around and convincing them it was in their interest to hold us.

One step, two step, boogalooga loo step!

In other words, I can walk. Mostly I still am walking by holding mommy's hands. Or one hand and a dolly.

Up until today its just been one or maybe two steps. Today I got ANGRY! I wanted to be held and mommy was doing something with pots and when she put me down and walked off, I had to chase her. This was an issue later when it became a party game.

When daddy got home and picked me up. Mommy told him that if he put me down and stepped away I'd walk to him.

Drat my weak will! But I have evaded having it on video so I count that a win.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thank you game

Yesterday daddy created a game for Evie and I to play.
You sit in a circle (there were 3 of us so I guess it was a triangle). Take a ball and hand it to someone saying 'Here you go'. That person says 'thank you', then turns to 3rd person with 'Here you go', repeat.

Evie started trying to say thank you and managed it at least once. Very cool.

I got to play lots of games with daddy and Sloan before dinner last night.
Today I started playing the: Your feet don't belong on the table. Game.
I put my foot on the table and mommy says 'No feet on the table' as she pushes it down. this is lots of fun and when playing the advanced version - both feet come into play.

Yoga is not so peaceful, Dinosaur hurdling and a timeout.

In honor of the olympics I designed a special race. Dinosaur hurdling!
Take two yoga mats and put them side by side.
Now, on my yoga mat, put one dinosaur about 1/3 of the way from the end.
On the other put three near the end, but just far enough apart to put a foot.
Now race. Who gets to the end first and doesn't step on a dino wins.
For extra challenge, add Evelyn. Participants must evade her as she tried to steal the hurdles.

I think mommy was trying to calm Sloan down when she suggested trying some yoga. I don't think anyone will be surprised when I explain that it didn't work.
But some new yoga moves were invented. I've listed them below.
1. Horsey: This move starts with you in the table position. Then second person (Sloan) leaps on your back when you are not prepared and starts chanting "Giddyup". Ends when either rider falls off or horse goes into child pose and they slip off.
2. Squishy hero: 1st person starts in child pose. 2nd person leaps on back. 1st person moves from child pose into hero pose - squishing 2nd person against couch. Repeat until giggling makes it too difficult to continue.
3. Death from above: This seems to be based on cats and 5 yr olds. 1st person is Fire Log pose. 2nd person leaps at you and 1st person must catch before collision can occur.
4. Rest in Peace: 1st person starts in Corpse pose. As serenity asserts itself and you feel the worries sliding away... 2nd person will have leapt onto your core as hard as they can. (Recommend only once per session)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We are having a fabulous family valentine's day.
I finally got to try out my birthday potter's wheel with daddy. There was painting and music too.

Yeah, I love playing mommy's bodhran thingy and of course I sometimes need to test the quality of the sticks by taste. You know... its a musician thing. I even got to do some art too.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Best friend

This remote is the best friend I have. Holding it to my face seems to make everything better.
Please don't take my remote.

MOM'S note: for some reason yesterday Evelyn decided that this remote was the only thing in the world that would make her happy. If she had it craddled against her cheek... she was happy. You took it and ... well it was NOT pretty. Or quiet.

Bakugon, Snow forts and an unknown number of spots.

Starting with the 'spots' I keep trying to count the ones on Evelyn... but I get distracted after the first ten. Mommy says she has around 30 now, but lots of them have already done the juicy stage and are starting to go away.
Mommy and I have been having lots of fun the last few days while Evelyn is sleeping. Yesterday we started a snow fort. (yeah I don't have a coat on but it war really warm. We started rescuing some of my other dinosaurs then worked on the fort. And Carni the carnatourus is helping. Cani is a good digger).

Today we played Bakugon with our homemade arena. Yeah Mega blocks.

Well these spot things are definately cutting into my play time. And they are starting to REALLY bug me, they kind of itch and that's okay cause if I just scream that seems to help.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

You can't see us!

I started out just sitting in the box, then Sloan and I decided to have a private conversation. No one will see us here.

Once we hatched out plans - we decided to go to the corner and have a camp out.

The Snow Dayr

Well, it was a snow day here (about 5" of snow all told) not too much, but apparently enough to not have school around here.

After having a large breakfast (ummm Bacon - I love bacon) I went outside to help mommy shovel the drive and clean off the cars.
Here are some pics of my helping. Mom handled the lower stuff while I shovelled from the top down.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crazy week

Well its been a crazy few weeks, Evie and I have been fighting colds. Though I started it last wed with the sniffles and then the whole thing on thursday and friday (you know, fever, ear and eye pain, chills just laying on the couch and randomly fallng asleep). Yep, the whole thing.

While I was good and managed to hang on to good health til sunday (you know once Sloan was pretty much over his cold). Freaked daddy out by waking up screaming from sleep. So Mommy and Sloan got to take me to the doc's. I thought I'd up the ante though, and tuesday woke with red spots... that's right CHICKENPOX! So back to the doc's to confirm. Apparently on your 3rd visit in 3 days you get your own room.. and rent. Mommy decided that we wouldn't develop anything else.

So to recap: Sloan still has the sniffles, I have chickenpox, a cold and I'm teething. Mommy would like sleep. And I think daddy is glad to get to go to work some days.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Climbing climbing climbing!

The evening starts with my newest discovery: I can climb stairs. Apparently I can get up at least 3 before Sloan tells Mommy and she can get to me. She followed me all the way up the stairs.

Yep, made it all the way up, jockeying from side to side as I decided which way was the easiest up the stairs.

Gotta say, Evie can definately move well on those stairs! I am very impressed.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Its my birthday!

5 year old
1 +4

No matter how you say it I am finally 5! I have been telling people I'm 5 for weeks now. Seemed fair, everyone else in class seemed to be having a birthday.
It was great! Daddy made me some chocolate chip cookies to take into class. Then at class we learned about DETECTORS (smoke alarms for you not in the know) and firetrucks. It was so cool. Then we got crayons and coloring books and I've been taking them everywhere lately. Not that I've colored much in them, but that's not the point.

Then I got to have lunch at the bagel shop with just mommy and I. Then daddy made me a stegosaurus cake. Look at the photo isn't that awesome?!

And thanks to everyone who gave me birthday wishes and of course stuff.... loved the stuff. More on that in later posts