Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Its my birthday!

5 year old
1 +4

No matter how you say it I am finally 5! I have been telling people I'm 5 for weeks now. Seemed fair, everyone else in class seemed to be having a birthday.
It was great! Daddy made me some chocolate chip cookies to take into class. Then at class we learned about DETECTORS (smoke alarms for you not in the know) and firetrucks. It was so cool. Then we got crayons and coloring books and I've been taking them everywhere lately. Not that I've colored much in them, but that's not the point.

Then I got to have lunch at the bagel shop with just mommy and I. Then daddy made me a stegosaurus cake. Look at the photo isn't that awesome?!

And thanks to everyone who gave me birthday wishes and of course stuff.... loved the stuff. More on that in later posts

Sunday, January 24, 2010

yeah let the birthday festivities begin!

Today I got to open my first birthday present. (Huh, it seems like I just stopped getting christmas presents like a week ago...i love this time of year).

Today's present was two part, I got a new pair of inline skates (Roller skates!). Then daddy took me to go roller skating with Batman and Spiderman!

So Sloan got this really fun pair of shoe thingies and then he was zooming around the house. I don't get the attraction - sounds like a good time for a nap.

Okay so I got to go hang out with mommy at her book club meeting. That was fun, lots of people to pay attention to me... oh yeah and some book about wine.

Okay, so the skating thing could have gone better. I wasn't prepared for how loud it was going to be. So after getting startled by Batman appearing behind me (that guy is freaky!) Daddy took me to McDonald's for some playtime. I somehow it didn't seem like the day went quite like Daddy had planned. He was a good sport.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter Zoo!

Field trip day today! We went to the zoo with class today and wow did we have a great time. There were lots of animals out and the reptile house was really popular.

I got to have a good walk today with mom and Sloan. We went to the zoo and there was this really cool lumpy animal...then food and I got to see the cool tunnel where the animals are floating over you. That is soo very cool!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Okay I do not understand why anyone wants to stuff me into this fuzzy blue suit thingy. And then I have to go into the snow? Why? I'll nap, I'll be good...I'll... oh well, this isn't so bad. I guess.

Wohooo snow! YES!
I've got my awesome snow shoes from Tio Chris and I am off to try them out. I have already managed to figure out stairs and sneaking up on mommy. Though she did tell me I'm not allowed to attack while wearing the snowshoes. Though I did have fun pretending to chase after Evie, as mom pulled her around on the sled.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Lion and the Lamb

When it occured to mom that there was a Lamb costume for Evie and that I had my lion costume from last halloween, she thought of a fun winters day game.

We built a tent using all of the living room, there were pillows and toys and story time and of course, a photo shoot.

Enjoy the photos!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Well the holiday was wonderful, with lots of gifts and visiting lots of relatives and friends. But it was nice to get back to school. I got to compare christmas stories with the otehr kids and I am still having problems deciding what my favorite gift is.

Though Evie doesn't seem to be having a problem with it.

Present! One of my first words, Sloan said it and I thought that sounded really nice, so I said it too.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crap its what year?! part 2

Well, that was november and I figured I'd make it easy and do a seperate post for December.

So this month Evie turns 8 months.


And says a word. Now I should add that she's been saying 'Dada" but I think mom already posted that. Now every once in a while she will repeat something that I say. Like present.


Yes, well so December was the month that Mom and I created the Earth. (For those who didn't know, it consists of Icing, Chocolate and Cheese). We made 3 versions. We've gotten some ideas for other versions, but the current ones were very tasty.

We also had lots of fun over christmas. I think by the New Years Evie and I had had 3 or 4 holiday parties. Its hard to decide what is the best gift though in the end I think the leap frog books win. (the large riding dinosaur is definately a close second). And I even got to see Santa in the Santa house. Then I got to do some puzzles and lots of sledding and tobogganing.

So then we had a friend of mom's staying with us. There was music, games and all sorts of fun things.

Oh and Evie had her very first Blueberry muffin.

The weekend culminated in Evie having a new word:

Crap its what year?!

Okay so much as Evie and I have done lots of cute things recently it has taken mom a while to get back to updating this blog. Yell at her, she just sends me to bed.

Shame she cares so little about Evie and I's adoring public.

Tee hee, AAAAHHH!

Ah, Evie says I we should do a synopsis.

Evie turned 7 months, works on furniture walking. I wrote my first novel for national novel writing month (they loved it at the TGIO party).
We got to hang out and party at the zoo with Big H and little H. I taught Evie how much fun it is to play in laundry baskets. And of course thanksgiving where I shared a cold I got at school with the whole family (and grandma and jubba). Decided not to share with grandma and grandpa Lamb.
Evie discovers how much she loves bagels! and how much she HATES flu shots.
Best was a field trip with school to the Turtle farm - which had LOTS more to look at than just turtles.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year everyone!

Well mom and dad had some friends over and played games and had lots of snacks. Something about starting the new year by finishing all those things started in the old. Like chips and cookies and... well you get the idea.

Mom's friend Mary was in and tons of fun, I got to play lots of loud music and dance around. Awesome.

Mom and Dad even woke Evie and I up to help cheer on this sparkly ball thing. I don't get it but apparently its tradition.

So hope this finds everyone having a happy new year.