Sunday, May 2, 2010

With bells on.

So we all went to a farm for a fairy party. Evelyn was dressed in very pretty fairy wings and I was a pteranodon. Rar!

We met up with our friends Genevieve, Alex, and Zack (and their parents, of course). There were all kinds of plants and flowers to see and smell [it was an herb farm - Dad]. I got to meet some other kids and we all played with the fountain.

What my brother left out was the Maypole Dance...

Oh, yeah - the maypole! It was all green and purple and we ran about and went in circles and stuff!

While my brother was off chasing faries about the maypole, I must add that Daddy was a great sport. Since my "wee legs" cannot yet keep up with the other maypole dancers, Daddy carried me. I can say that he hops well and is champion at skipping.

Yes yes, Daddy can skip. He wasn't wearing bells, however. There were these people, called Morris Dancers, and they danced about with bells and sticks and scarves. It was all totally cool.

As disjointed as that sounds, Sloan is correct on all counts. There were people dancing about in white, red, and black. There were bells on their legs and they danced with white scarves and sticks. It was amazing.

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