Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We are having a fabulous family valentine's day.
I finally got to try out my birthday potter's wheel with daddy. There was painting and music too.

Yeah, I love playing mommy's bodhran thingy and of course I sometimes need to test the quality of the sticks by taste. You know... its a musician thing. I even got to do some art too.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Best friend

This remote is the best friend I have. Holding it to my face seems to make everything better.
Please don't take my remote.

MOM'S note: for some reason yesterday Evelyn decided that this remote was the only thing in the world that would make her happy. If she had it craddled against her cheek... she was happy. You took it and ... well it was NOT pretty. Or quiet.

Bakugon, Snow forts and an unknown number of spots.

Starting with the 'spots' I keep trying to count the ones on Evelyn... but I get distracted after the first ten. Mommy says she has around 30 now, but lots of them have already done the juicy stage and are starting to go away.
Mommy and I have been having lots of fun the last few days while Evelyn is sleeping. Yesterday we started a snow fort. (yeah I don't have a coat on but it war really warm. We started rescuing some of my other dinosaurs then worked on the fort. And Carni the carnatourus is helping. Cani is a good digger).

Today we played Bakugon with our homemade arena. Yeah Mega blocks.

Well these spot things are definately cutting into my play time. And they are starting to REALLY bug me, they kind of itch and that's okay cause if I just scream that seems to help.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

You can't see us!

I started out just sitting in the box, then Sloan and I decided to have a private conversation. No one will see us here.

Once we hatched out plans - we decided to go to the corner and have a camp out.

The Snow Dayr

Well, it was a snow day here (about 5" of snow all told) not too much, but apparently enough to not have school around here.

After having a large breakfast (ummm Bacon - I love bacon) I went outside to help mommy shovel the drive and clean off the cars.
Here are some pics of my helping. Mom handled the lower stuff while I shovelled from the top down.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crazy week

Well its been a crazy few weeks, Evie and I have been fighting colds. Though I started it last wed with the sniffles and then the whole thing on thursday and friday (you know, fever, ear and eye pain, chills just laying on the couch and randomly fallng asleep). Yep, the whole thing.

While I was good and managed to hang on to good health til sunday (you know once Sloan was pretty much over his cold). Freaked daddy out by waking up screaming from sleep. So Mommy and Sloan got to take me to the doc's. I thought I'd up the ante though, and tuesday woke with red spots... that's right CHICKENPOX! So back to the doc's to confirm. Apparently on your 3rd visit in 3 days you get your own room.. and rent. Mommy decided that we wouldn't develop anything else.

So to recap: Sloan still has the sniffles, I have chickenpox, a cold and I'm teething. Mommy would like sleep. And I think daddy is glad to get to go to work some days.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Climbing climbing climbing!

The evening starts with my newest discovery: I can climb stairs. Apparently I can get up at least 3 before Sloan tells Mommy and she can get to me. She followed me all the way up the stairs.

Yep, made it all the way up, jockeying from side to side as I decided which way was the easiest up the stairs.

Gotta say, Evie can definately move well on those stairs! I am very impressed.