Monday, August 31, 2009

So we were out of duck tape!

So we wanted to go for a bike ride the other day (we hadn't been to the bagel shop in ages) so I thought it would be a wonderful excuse to try out riding on the surfboard portion of the bike. (I have been longing to try this out, but mom hasn't had a chance to build my new bike seat yet.

Daddy solved that problem... there was a strap, a bike helmet and a goal. I think Evelyn also enjoyed not having to share the bike trailer. (I know I enjoyed the roominess of the surfdeck.

Familial fun!

Well its been (most of) a week of family fun. What with Jubba and Grandma hosting. Uncle Nick and cousin Aria travelling through the wilds of the UP to visit. Tio Chris and his girlfriend (Tia) Lorena travelled in from San Francisco (that and the annual take Jubba to Cedar Point trip) were a good excuse to get together. Mom was excited as its the first time all the kids have been together in ages. Sadly daddy and Aunt Julie couldn't make it do to work ... but we got close.

Evelyn and I did a good job of tormenting Grandma on thursday (while she was babysitting us) I was aiming to get her drinking by the end of the day.... she took a nap. Close enough.

Crazy week had by all

Wow a busy week Evie and I had, what with the visiting and the temper throwing and the playing with cousin Aria.

Yeah I had to give grandma a couple of rough nights so she would better like my cuteness. Sloan and I worked out a system so when I was not throwing up or screaming... he was. It worked pretty well.

But it was great to see everyone, Tio Chris and to meet Tia Lorena (she's very nice, I hope she keeps him). Uncle Nick and Cousin Aria came down to play and we all had lots of fun. Mostly the adults seemed to watch Aria and I play and make a mess - it amused them and periodically frustrated them... so our job was done well.

Mom says she will post pics soon, but they are on the camera that is not easily downloadable.

Happy apple, cat, toys that go rattle, new quilts to play on and new people to use my cuteness upon.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You listen to this?

So I had wandered down with Tio Chris and Jubba and Mommy to the local coffee shop to do a little work. Okay Tio Chris was doing some work, I was just making sure everyone was having fun.

Gotta go now, my Chai is ready!

Tio Chris and Jubba

Well Evie is currently sleeping so I thought I would do our post for today. Evie and I have travelled up to Grandma and Jubba's house to show off my Tio Chris. He's in for a few days visiting and I'm doing everything I can to make sure he is run out so he'll sleep well at night.

So far there has been pillow fighting, wrestling (I totally bit his butt!) Then there were some donuts and we walked him down to the local coffee shop for some much needed chai... oops gotta go, time to entertain the other customers by trying to climb the outer wall backwards.

Monday, August 24, 2009

With a flip and a bounce...

Sadly my last class in gymnastics was today. I had a lot of fun with my friends and Coach Derek. I don't know what I'll do the next few monday's before school starts again?

I'm thinking playdates!

Happy Birthday!... again?

Wow! the week of birthdays. First my friend Genevieve's, then my friend Emily's circus party. We had a great time, there were prizes and a fun castle cake with ice cream cone towers and this thingy that you hang up and hit and its got candy and daddy stayed inside for that part. I wonder why?

I'm not sure about the cake and games... but I looked wonderful and it was lots of fun meeting other people and its always fun to be adored. So I mostly napped and looked good, with periodic winning grin and giggles - just to keep my audience amused.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thunderbirds are GO!

I had a great day with Daddy and Mr. Mike (aka Freon) today as we hunted the wild airplanes at Selfridge Air National Guard Base where they had an airshow.

I got to go in a helicopter, and there were these really loud planes doing tricks. Then there were lots of airplanes to go through (one had a bejeweled game that I got to play!) And there was a woman who walked on a wing of an airplane...that person was crazy!

I left Evie at home with mommy, I just don't she's old enough to appreciate all that technology. Apparently she got bored and made mommy strip paint.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A friday -by Evie

I eat
Sloan dances around me as I giggle
Then I kicked Mommy and Sloan out of the house to go play with his friend Genevieve while I kept daddy in line. I mean if he's going to work at home I think it's important that someone keep an eye on him (and between naps and rolling practice I did that).

I am happy with my rolling practice and also feel that my crawling technique is coming along nicely.

Pool party and Frogs

Yeah I have to go help Mommy buy a present for my friend Genevieve, its her birthday party today! (Her birthday was actually yesterday -so mom tells me. I don't believe it, I think what ever day has the party and cake is her birthday). I'm hoping my birthday is tomorrow!

Well, I made mommy go to two different stores to find Genevieve some frogs (which she likes) I kept wanting to get a dinosaur... its kind of the same. But mommy said she really wants a frog so there you go.

There were lots of kids to play with, and pool noodles to use as swords and then there was my being a dragon and the girls all decided to be princesses and the other two boys decided they wanted to be dinos and then there was cake and more playing and then I wanted to play princess's... but it was time to go home.

So once home I played dragon knight with daddy.

Lambs, Dowds and Kramps OH MY!

Yeah play date!
It started with my trying to get together with my buddy Robbie. Then I found out he was getting together with my friends Jack and Lily... it went on from there.

Suddenly we're all down at Jack and Lily's house, there are legos being pressed into really cool shapes and battles of robots... then there was some adventures in the large playhouse. While I like playing with Evie, It was really great fun to get a chance to play with my friends. The only thing that would have been more fun is if Zander was there too (but mom wasn't quite that on top of it). Next time...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby stats

So the official 4 month numbers are in!
I weight 14 lbs 11 oz
25 1/4 " (something like that either 1/4 or 1/2 mom couldn't remember, on account of having both Sloan and myself at my appt and Sloan was in rare form to keep Mom and the Dr on their toes!)

I think the head circum was 17"

Got some shots... VERY annoying!
But got a nice clean bill of health. In other words... I am awesome!

oops, off for now

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How much Sloan does it take to send mom over the edge?

1. 2 potty incidents
in my favor I cleaned up after myself!
Funny tidbit... been reading the potty book the last few days.

2. Convincing sick mom to take me to indoor play area only to have a HUGE/EPIC tantrum the likes of which got me sent back home.

3. gas light come on 3 miles from home

4. Evie and I work out a system to make sure the volume of the house was at max for a good hour.

after that, I had a fun time playing outside and trying to get downstairs... Just to keep mom on her toes. After all, I have so much to teach Evie in so little time.

4 month old or immigrant woman?

It was warm, Mom had forgotten my hat. There was a bandana and it worked. I'm not sure about the look though...

But perhaps this one with lots of lovely ladies will help with deciding...

4 months and counting!

Yesterday I turned 4 months old. Wow things are getting exciting now - what with starting real food (just rice cereal) and now and then trying to keep my big bro out of trouble...

Now I have to go find sloan and see if he'll help me get mom to download some new photos. Maybe if we tag team we'll have a good chance.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dress up

Sometimes finding the right outfit can be so difficult!
Though really satisfying when it happens!

Tigger Attack

Everything was going so well
The cats was starting to get comfortable around me
the weather was nice
then it happened.
I'm just relaxing in my crib and

I was lucky to get away with my pacifier!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a Tuesday adventure

So many things to do this morning.
First I had to get Mom and Evie off to the Farmer's Market. It was time to buy some nice veggies. Here you see me sampling the local goods.

I've gotta say, the carrots were marvelous and the corn pretty good. Though I have to say that I'm just not sure the green beans were so good. Though I didn't get a chance to really try them.

Then we had some lunch and mom got this great shot of the bike all loaded up!

Then we stopped for a bit of goodness at Big Apple Bagel shop.
Then off for lots of other errands - the park and playing.

A tough day for Evie and me, but we got through it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Creative feeding

So Mom went camping and ...well, dad needed to find a better way to feed me. Something about needing to multitask... All I know is this is some kind of humiliating.