Saturday, September 25, 2010

Busy busy

Well the weekend is off to a whirlwind start. With all of us going to a volunteer appreciation playdate at Oakland County parks. It was very cool, there were games, and food and caramel apples and then the puppets (which gave mom and dad lots of ideas for a puppet theatre in the basement. And of course I'm going to need more puppets).


Right bird puppets of course (they had one that was a nest with little baby birds) they were so Cute. And of course mommy bird and the opossum was cool with her baby and the spider (it was the spider's birthday). The chipmunk kept going to sleep in the other animals nests so he wasn't as fun.

Kayak! Mommy took me kayaking and I got to steer and help paddle and scream when we got too far from shore. There isn't anything to see in the middle of the lake.

I got to toast marshmallows and so did Sloan. But I liked the kayaking and the caramel apples... yum!
Yawn... off to bed now.

Oh wait! The starlab.... we didn't talk about that. This dome where it gets dark and you sit in it and the stars come on and sometimes they have designs drawn (so like an eagle and bear) and it was really cool! Except when it was too dark and I couldn't see anything, I didn't like that very well. Okay Bye

Monday, September 20, 2010

Whistle, whistle I wish I knew how to whistle

Two teeth!
I've lost two teeth!
Now I whistle when I say certain words and its fun to show the boys and girls.
This is so cool I lost the first tooth the thursday before school started and on saturday I lost the second one. Daddy said yesterday that I'm beginning to develop the two teeth missin whistlin... so I say ttttthhhhhwwweeet!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


1. cool campsite in Addison Oaks (a very cool campground at Oakland County Parks)
2. Friends to camp with
3. Fresh apples, cheese, marshmallows and fire
4. one lost tooth (my second in a few weeks)
5. Ghost stories and games of tag (with and without flashlights)
6. Rain rain and lots of rain
7. Having fun with nature
8. Finding lots of treasure! (Or Schatz in german) oh and by treasure - I mean we found geocache's
9. Setting our own geocache up
10. Best weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pole A goes into Pocket C?

Yep, setting up camp in the backyard. We see we were practicing for our weekend camping trip. I even got a new sleeping bag for the occasion. I gave my little one to Evie. She was very excited.

We had a great time helping daddy put up the tents.. I don't know if daddy liked it but we had lots of fun. We thought it would be cool to sleep outside (well at least until it got dark that is... I mean the house is right there). So we played around outside and then took the sleeping bags inside and slept in them in the room... This was a good idea until my sleeping bag slipped off my bed. Then I decided to just sleep beside it... much better idea.

First Day!

First day of School.
Got my favorite Lizard shirt and racing pants.
My lunch is packed and my backpack is ready.
Breakfast was good and I'm really excited!
Got both my parents ready to go and... here we go!

I have decided I will be the alarm clock for everyone today. I happily woke everyone up at 6:30
(a good thing too or they would have been rushing around trying to get Sloan ready for school).
Um and I got tasty pancakes for my help.
I'm not sure what its all about, with the pictures and the rushing ad the crazy.

I wonder who is in my class? Will Mrs. G remember me?
Find my locker and find my seat, get my nametag on. Start coloring my pirate ship -
Oh hey, there's Joey, gotta go say hi.
Now its time for the parents to leave - have a good day Mom and Dad and Evie (no you can't stay with me, school is just for big kids but I'll tell you about it at home).

Gosh I hope they do alright without me - sometimes I worry about them so much. Evie said she'd watch em, but parents can be trouble.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm rich!

1 whole penny! (mom tells me its a quarter) but I like calling it a penny.
I woke up to find the tooth fairy has visited and liked my note so I got a whole quarter!

Sadly no party though.... well maybe next time.

Oh and mommy asked if the toothfairy was a dinosaur with wings and I pointed out that its a very short man with wings... pretty silly if it was a dinosaur. Tee hee

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tooth fairy oh tooth fairy...!

I am a BIG boy now! I lost my first tooth!
(In fact I lost it so well that, I still haven't found it.)
But daddy says that if we write a note to the tooth fairy explaining then he will understand.

Since mommy hasn't gotten around to making me a tooth pillow I got to use her peacock box (with secret back compartment). I hope I get something good.

Sadly after loosing the tooth, mom told me that my behaviour um... was... um...well yeah. I hope the toothfairy still comes. Maybe if I do a nice deed that will be okay? (Oh sorry, that's santa claus)