Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crazy week

Well its been a crazy few weeks, Evie and I have been fighting colds. Though I started it last wed with the sniffles and then the whole thing on thursday and friday (you know, fever, ear and eye pain, chills just laying on the couch and randomly fallng asleep). Yep, the whole thing.

While I was good and managed to hang on to good health til sunday (you know once Sloan was pretty much over his cold). Freaked daddy out by waking up screaming from sleep. So Mommy and Sloan got to take me to the doc's. I thought I'd up the ante though, and tuesday woke with red spots... that's right CHICKENPOX! So back to the doc's to confirm. Apparently on your 3rd visit in 3 days you get your own room.. and rent. Mommy decided that we wouldn't develop anything else.

So to recap: Sloan still has the sniffles, I have chickenpox, a cold and I'm teething. Mommy would like sleep. And I think daddy is glad to get to go to work some days.

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