Thursday, March 11, 2010

The truth about dinosaurs

Many days ago dino's were created. Well they were lined up for parade. Their maker adjusting their lines.

He set then on to parade and let em help clean up his room.

Then they caught their Sloan and dragged him off to play with em with the matchbox cars and bakugon....

Um, the end.


So Mom was going through some photos and found this one from my friend Henry's birthday party.

Mom is still giggling about this one.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

11 months today!

So baby girl is 11 months old today. Wow, hard to believe she's that old and that I was ever that young.

Mom and Dad said I can help plan her birthday party. Hm... where will I get the pink dinosaurs?

Eveyn's Word of the day


When mommy asked how she should take Sloan to school today I agreed with sloan that they should bike.

Yeah the first bike ride of the year! I've been trying to get mommy to bike for the last few days. Some tires parents can be SO resistent. Finding excuses like "its not ready yet" "we need to put the seats on". Well no more.

Today we ride!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An odd day and another tooth

So its been a really fun day. After a rousing game of zombie catch at school I got to help mommy set up for a playdate.

Okay, I see some of you are intriqued by the 'zombie catch', well at school a few of the boys and I would be zombies and we would catch another player then they would be a zombie and the kid who caught them would not be any more. It was fun and there wasn't much pushing so pretty good there too.

Then this afternoon Damon and Lancer and his bro came over to paint planters and plant some seeds. It was really cool and we got to welcome spring and there were muffins and I helped mommy test some cookies she was making and.... well it was cool!

I have a new tooth, I think I actually got it yesterday, but it just really finished coming in today. I think it brought friends. My friend Shaun seems to be going through that too, so when he came over with his big brother we mostly sat on the floor and complained to each other. When we weren't following some parent around and convincing them it was in their interest to hold us.

One step, two step, boogalooga loo step!

In other words, I can walk. Mostly I still am walking by holding mommy's hands. Or one hand and a dolly.

Up until today its just been one or maybe two steps. Today I got ANGRY! I wanted to be held and mommy was doing something with pots and when she put me down and walked off, I had to chase her. This was an issue later when it became a party game.

When daddy got home and picked me up. Mommy told him that if he put me down and stepped away I'd walk to him.

Drat my weak will! But I have evaded having it on video so I count that a win.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thank you game

Yesterday daddy created a game for Evie and I to play.
You sit in a circle (there were 3 of us so I guess it was a triangle). Take a ball and hand it to someone saying 'Here you go'. That person says 'thank you', then turns to 3rd person with 'Here you go', repeat.

Evie started trying to say thank you and managed it at least once. Very cool.

I got to play lots of games with daddy and Sloan before dinner last night.
Today I started playing the: Your feet don't belong on the table. Game.
I put my foot on the table and mommy says 'No feet on the table' as she pushes it down. this is lots of fun and when playing the advanced version - both feet come into play.

Yoga is not so peaceful, Dinosaur hurdling and a timeout.

In honor of the olympics I designed a special race. Dinosaur hurdling!
Take two yoga mats and put them side by side.
Now, on my yoga mat, put one dinosaur about 1/3 of the way from the end.
On the other put three near the end, but just far enough apart to put a foot.
Now race. Who gets to the end first and doesn't step on a dino wins.
For extra challenge, add Evelyn. Participants must evade her as she tried to steal the hurdles.

I think mommy was trying to calm Sloan down when she suggested trying some yoga. I don't think anyone will be surprised when I explain that it didn't work.
But some new yoga moves were invented. I've listed them below.
1. Horsey: This move starts with you in the table position. Then second person (Sloan) leaps on your back when you are not prepared and starts chanting "Giddyup". Ends when either rider falls off or horse goes into child pose and they slip off.
2. Squishy hero: 1st person starts in child pose. 2nd person leaps on back. 1st person moves from child pose into hero pose - squishing 2nd person against couch. Repeat until giggling makes it too difficult to continue.
3. Death from above: This seems to be based on cats and 5 yr olds. 1st person is Fire Log pose. 2nd person leaps at you and 1st person must catch before collision can occur.
4. Rest in Peace: 1st person starts in Corpse pose. As serenity asserts itself and you feel the worries sliding away... 2nd person will have leapt onto your core as hard as they can. (Recommend only once per session)