Sunday, December 26, 2010


Yowza, but we've been traveling for days.
Up to Alpena for a far too brief tet-a-tet with Aunt Heathyr, Uncle Colin, Cousin Eleanore, and the Grandparents Lamb.
And Rigby! Don't forget Rigby!
We had great fun sledding and carrying about with Julian.
Rigby Rigby Rigby!
Oh, yeah, and Eleanore's corgi - What was his name?
There were great presents and gifts from everyone. We had a really good time.

From Alpena (I'll miss you, Rigby), it was off to Midland. Land of snow, toboggans, and sauerkraut balls (we don't know what they are, Dad told us to add that). We got to spend time with Aunt Julie, Uncle Nick, Cousins Aria & Aidric, Jubba, and Grandma Stanley. We attended a lovely evening service and then quickly to bed so that we were well rested for Christmas morning.
We were forced to wait until everyone had cinnamon rolls, then the gifts!
We got books (kitchen!), toys (kitchen!), and a robotic dinosaur (kitchen!). So many gifts - so much to be thankful for.