Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fest of the Austrians

Imagine a polka band, sausages a kids parade and lots of bouncing houses and what do you have?
The Austrian Festival!

My friends Paul and Sophia invited me to go with them to the Austrian Festival and it was lots of fun. There was food and the bouncy houses were really cool (even better once it rained and they were these big pools of bouncy water (sadly we couldn't go on them at that point.) But I had slipped on before realizing we weren't supposed to be there.

Daddy had lots of fun to with Mr. Dieter. Ooh and there was a really cool kids parade and we even got a prize! I got a Diego wipe book. Pretty cool.
Well, Tschub (close as I can get to the correct german spelling)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bouncing and hiking and Oakie! (Oh my)

Today me and Evie went to the Wint Nature center for its anniversary party.
I've gotten to go there before but never with such cool stuff.
This time they had cool projects to make (I made a caterpillar) there were animal skins and skulls to investigate.

Oakie the squirrel was there too! I got a pretty good picture with him, though when I tried to get one with Evelyn and mom and dad... it didn't work out so well. Evelyn saw him and started screaming. I guess she just wasn't too sure about a giant squirrel right beside her.

So no one told me there was going to be a giant fuzzy thingy right beside me? But that's okay cause later there were these ice juice things that were yummy. Sloan even shared his strawberry one with me.

Yeah, I did share a bit, but it was cause I wasn't allowed to have mine (and steal mom's and dad's and evie's too. What? I was quality control and they were tasty).

Oh and I forgot to tell you about the bouncy house and there was music and a contest to win a walking stick (which I got!) So then we had to go hiking with it - it would have been bad to not test it out.

(Then there
was hiking. Lots of hiking. I think we hiked till daddy and I said it was too hot and we were too tired).

Then Sloan found one of the many playgrounds in the park and we got to have a lot of fun exploring those. Totally cool day! Evie and me are trying to get mom and dad to take us back again... I know there were lots of playgrounds that we only looked at.

Eins, zwei... oh a kitty!

So Serena and her brother go to visit their cousin Max...
This is how my new learn German tape starts. Mom found it for me its got stories and illustrations and its really cool! I already know Hallo! (which is like Hello... but different) and I sort of know good morning (Guten Morgen) and I know ball (which is ball but said different) oh and suppe (which is soup).

Though its kind of tough to get the tape to continue playing when Evie keeps trying to turn off the player. Sisters, they just don't understand...

Gravity tests with Tape thingy
Oh, cheerios, yum.
more gravity tests with tape thingy!
While Sloan has been practicing his german I figured out how to climb into my walker/plaything all by myself!
Oops, I ended up backwards... how to... if I can... Waah!
Okay so mom put things right and I got to play in there for a bit, then back to randomly pulling things off the table and trying to run over cat's tails... ah, nap time.

Friends, music and whining!

Man I know mom and dad talk about looking forward to Friday's, but I didn't know they were so much fun!
First I got to have my friends Paul and Sophia over and we played some cars.
But mostly we rocked out in the treehouse and backyard. Complete with taking a drum down a slide... it was very cool! (Till mom made us put the instruments away - something about not sliding with a drum).
But the best was Paul and Sophia brought some chocolate to share! Yum!

Oh and then we went to visit these people that mom knows (where other people were coming and we were...) whatever, anyway there were lots of fun kids to play with and we got pizza and to play with different toys and it was really cool! Even got to stay up REALLY late (which I don't get very much).
Okay good night!

Kaaaaaaaaaaaaa zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzooooooooooooo oooooooooooo.
This is what a kazoo played continuously first thing in the morning sounds like to my daddy. Then he said something about a mini vu-va-vuvuzzzzz-something (parent note: a vuvuzula).
Its not my fault Sloan gave me a noise maker first thing in the morning, is it? At least we were having fun... if not quiet.
Drum, drum, piano drum, Kazoo! Whistle?!
I didn't know we had these cool instruments! I think daddy is hiding them again.

I did get to play with sloan's friends a bit (mostly I was napping). But we did get to go meet some need friends of mom and dad. There weren't any kids quite my age, but I had lots of fun with Zach, Margaret and Alex.