Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An odd day and another tooth

So its been a really fun day. After a rousing game of zombie catch at school I got to help mommy set up for a playdate.

Okay, I see some of you are intriqued by the 'zombie catch', well at school a few of the boys and I would be zombies and we would catch another player then they would be a zombie and the kid who caught them would not be any more. It was fun and there wasn't much pushing so pretty good there too.

Then this afternoon Damon and Lancer and his bro came over to paint planters and plant some seeds. It was really cool and we got to welcome spring and there were muffins and I helped mommy test some cookies she was making and.... well it was cool!

I have a new tooth, I think I actually got it yesterday, but it just really finished coming in today. I think it brought friends. My friend Shaun seems to be going through that too, so when he came over with his big brother we mostly sat on the floor and complained to each other. When we weren't following some parent around and convincing them it was in their interest to hold us.

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