Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Its your 7 month birthday! What are you going to do?

Happy birthday to me! la la la la wee hee!
Well I am 7 months old today and and trying to think of new ways to scare the parents. I decided I would really work on my furniture walking. It seems to really scare mommy. Something about not being ready yet... Parents.

We also went over to a new friends house. It was lots of fun and I'm not just talking about hte new toys to play with.

Oh yeah, and this is me with the new baby gate. Mom keeps muttering something about copyright infridgement with a photo from Henry... but I don't know what that is so... well.. mopthing else really.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rattlesnake hunting!

Well not really. My class went to Miss Lucy's Turtle Farm (I think its actually just called the Turtle Farm!).
This place was so cool! There were all these animals, Llamas and Emus and goats and deer. Then there was the area where we got to hold some and I got to hold a baby duck and see one just hatching from an egg. There was Rose the tarantula and the milk snake and dragon and baby alligator and then we got to feed the animals and there was funning around and the tee-pee (where you don't pee) but there was a map turtle named roscoe and a bunny and ... well you get the idea.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Awesomeness thy name is Sloan!...

Awesomeness thy name is Sloan!... and Evie is training to be chok full of the awesome as well. (the management)

Yeah so I thought I'd give the folks a break and be really great. I have created at least two new versions of parcheesi (okay most involve the animals doing roller skating and cage fighting... but its fun.
Had a good day, helped mom with morning pancakes and feeding Evie and it was lots of fun.

I was coasting on the cuteness. I think my teeth are acting up! So I chewed on a bagel... and the cat. But I got to hang out with my buddy Zach today while mom chatted with his dad. We had fun. I learned to roll a ball back and forth. Well, zach would roll the ball to me and I'd cleverly deflect it so he had to run. Fun game.

Tis the month to novel!

Well, my mom is once again doing this thing called National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo.org). Well she thought that since I have been making up stories to tell her and daddy and Evie that maybe I would like to do one (for nanowrimo that is).
It is about a mailman... but mostly about a dinosaur... well...

So here is some of my story as typed by mommy (actually its 3 seperate stories). I am very proud of them.

The First story

First you have got to create the earth. I’ve created something. A different dinosaur. Tada!

ONe day a pterodactyl flied over the wings in search of...

There’s a pliesiasour... and a t-rex. A meaty te-rex

ROAr roar groar!

The End

The second story

Their coming out of the volcano (T-rex) coming out he watched and said tada!

Mailman T-rex super hero! rescues by delivering your three pieces of mail.

The Third Story

The T-Rex

One day there was a TREX and some crazy animals (argh rarr). They find meat. What do tigers like to ear? they like to eat camels. They line up in a line and when the bull gets to the elephants they fight.

ARgh. Rar

We like the camels!

Evil Voice “we like the elephants ahh hahahahah

Look they line up in a long bowl and “LOOK OUT” Oh Wooo a big meatball! Wow oh my god! My god

Its a big meatball, oh look its a big meat ball

Teach the race game, but the elephants are gonna win cause look they have roller skates!

The camels stand on their line and “wait we’re missing one more bull” comes from the other team.

“Wait, don’t get about the tigers” he said, “don’t get bout the tigers mommy. Don’t get about the tigers I said

“We’re ready to roller skate. Your ready to roller skate!”

“Wow, look at em.” he says “Vroom” “They are gonna win the race!”

“The tigers adn the camels - though those ones, not the squishy ones”

“We won we won!” they cheered. “Theyre not gonna won the fat one. their not gonna...” they trailed off. “They look there’s the next race!”

“this was live coverage from the roller rama parcheesi stadium and we gotta watch a movie. And look the animals they jump, they jump into this race, into this medium into this bag.... one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fourteen sixteen seventeen.

What dice do we have can you count them one two?

In search of...

So after school, I thought it would be fun if we went for a hike. So mommy bundled up Evie and I and we went to Waterford Oaks (a local park). Now one would think that a park that says it has lots of paths would be nice and fun.

Instead it became an adventure.
We were in search of a good path to explore, one we had not gone on before.
What we found:
leaves... lots of leaves
the BMX trail
the swimming pool
water slide
constructon workers
play area under construction
cold hands
more leaves
picnic tables
canadian geese
a goat (well actually no)

what we did not find:
a path

so we are still left with only knowing one path in this park. We shall try again another day, when mommy stops muttering to herself.

Life as Art: A Critique

I have been listening to Mommy and Daddy talk about art for a while now. I was intrigued enough to do some study on my own and had come to a conclusion.
The big day arrived and I was ready to join the discussion.


What I meant was that modern life, as viewed through the eyes of the classical painters, would be so alien as to render our current existence indistinguishable from the Dadaist movement of the past century.

My parents took this as my attempts to say Daddy's name.

That works too.