Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tea for....LOTS!

Tea, tea we're going to have fun with tea. Mommy is having a tealicious tea tasting party.
We got to have some great friends over to play. So there was lots of running around and tea and tasty tea treats.

So Paul, Sophia and Henry and I were having a great time building trains, stealing treats and playing downstairs. It was really cool...okay, gotta go steal some more teacup cookies.

Oh and here is the website of Evelin (who we call the tea lady-cause she sells lots of good teas)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The reunion!

Wow, I didn't know we had such fun relatives.
So we booggied out to Howell to see our Wines family. It was great the adults did (whatever it is adults do) but Evie and I got to play with our youngest cousins (well almost youngest).

Well there was the running up and down stairs and then there was the rock game. But Evie was really enjoying the box of colorful balls and having a great time with everyone.

Sadly the rest of folks couldn't get out to visit, but we had a great time seeing those we could. Besides, its always nice meeting some more local cousins.

Monday, July 12, 2010

IN search of...

Ah the illustrious basement. Long have I been asking mommy to let me play down there. Long has mommy said... "Um...I really need to clean that first". But today she promised that we could clean the basement.

Yes I said we could clean the basement. I asked her this morning if we could clean it out and I think she may have been so shocked that I offered to help. Since I kind of wasn't helping earlier today.

Well here I am, 1 potty stop away from getting to play down there and I woke up Evie. Sigh, now I have to wait till mommy feeds, changes and finds her pants to go down... Some times its really tough being a big brother!
The pic? Well that's me in a laundry basket...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Playdate and laundry

Wash the clothes
hang the clothes
Now I have to fold the clothes?
How is this fun again?

Luckily we got to have some friends over this morning and that helped me avoid some of the chores for a bit. Though that still means I have to clean my room... sigh.

Playing at the Peninsula

Hot, hot hot! The perfect day for a party.
And a great party we went too!

It was Waterford Oaks grand opening of their new playground, the Paradise Peninsula Playground. There was lots of stuff going on, food, puppets, bouncy houses, but it was getting to run around the cool playscape. I'm not sure if I liked climbing on the rocks of climbing up the tree stump better.

Evie seems to have liked the cattails best.

Actually I liked the lemonade icy treats best, but the cattails were really cool! One was bouncy and one was a spinning thing.

Oh and mom bicycled us there and back so we got to go right in and not have to worry about about parking. I think it was naptime for all of us once we got back home.