Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cedar Point day! Or what's the point?

Grandma watched Evie and myself today and gave us wild Kratts movies. She played dinosaurs and she builded a fort

Grandma? grandma, grandma! Hee hee

She played serpents with us and we colored and she made us a good lunch but then we asked her what was the lunch and...I don't know.

oh so mommy and daddy took Tio Chris and Juba to some point place and we got grandma all to ourselves... oops gotta go time for something else

Monday, August 22, 2011

1000 miles later

So we rode with Grandma and Juba up to the camp site. I got to help Dad start the fire.
Cousin Aria came to visit (and she brought her little brother Aidric with her) and we chased each other around the campground.
One night of camping later and the park ranger told us to go get something to eat [Dad's Note: we were told to flee a storm with 60mph winds that generated at least one tornado], so we went to Aidric's birthday party.


Because of all the rains, we got to camp in a motel. The next morning saw us go back to Aria & Aidric's for more fun with the cousins.


Way too soon, we were packed back into the car and off to Grandma and Grandpa Lamb's.


Grandma and Grandpa Lamb still have Winnie, but now they have Zippy and Tuffy the yorkies. We got to play with the doggies and run around on the beach.

Five days and 1000 miles since the start, we are finally home. Mommy and Daddy say that school will be starting soon. I'll go to first grade and Evie will start Preschool!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The many happy birthdays of today

Appy birfday Juba!

Happy birthday cousin Aidric!

Just a quick yeah for our cousin and Juba!

Road tripping

We are going to my cousins and it is great! and we can play at their house and sleep over and have a birthday party and the awesomest day ever!

Stay tuned!

In the giraffe! Hand in the giraffe!Hand in the giraffe!Hand in the giraffe!Hand in the giraffe!Hand in the giraffe!Hand in the giraffe!Hand in the giraffe!Hand in the giraffe!
Hand in the giraffe!

did I mention its the awesomest day ever! and we rented a cool car. Oh the end.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pose, no this way, imagine your a dinosaur!

So mom needed to get some reference shots of kids running around the woods and just generally hanging out near woods and having a picnic. Most are as movies (and as soon as mom figures out how to load those you might get to check em out.)

In the meantime, here are some just fun shots.

H and me kicking it old school.

The picnic gets going (okay this is mostly a break from photos but hey, it was a really good picnic)

Princess H, just checking out what's going on.

We are all working on posing the dinosaur of our choice.
Me and Carnie scoping out the layout and space.

Letter to a friends mom

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just for mommy

Shh, this is mommy taking over for this one post.
After a long night of sketching I woke up to find Sloan had added his own touches to make it even better.

Just like I did, he's drawing knights and dragons and even some pretty awesome dinosaurs.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Loudness is right

So today Evie and me thought we would really liven the day up.
First there was fighting about breakfast. That's right we wouldn't eat anything but Honey Nut Cheerios!

Oh mommy has ham!

Um, right, right up till mommy brought out some ham. but then there were the pancakes. which were okay I guess but they needed more syrup.. and apples.

No appls! Am more am!

So after breakfasts fun, we though we would do a little 1-2 action. First trash the house, then randomly start screaming and yelling no. I know seems like its not much, but we needed to do something. Evie and me thought this would be good for boredom til my friend H got here.

Oh oh! Mommy Henry? Honor?

Oh but why not? How come? NOOOOOOOOOOO
Oh man, no Henry and no Honor cause of the screaming I guess.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Playdate and laundry

Playdate! Playdate! Play- oh Pizza!

I think what Evie is trying to say is that we got to go over to our friends house and play with Reilee and Emerson. It was really cool.
I still don't know about dogs though. I mean Ike and Moshu are both really neat but I just am not too sure about doggies in general.

A really cool sunshade for doing some chalk sidewalk drawings.

Oh and mommy had to do a bunch of laundry... I don't know why thats in the title its just weird.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kayaking and cooking!

While really I just wanted to stay at home for the day. You know, watch Wild Kratts and eat cheerios, but mommy said we needed to go do something and my friend Genevieve and her mom wanted to go kayaking with us.


Okay so I finally decided we should do was pretty fun.
Evie and I had to make sure mommy got everything we would need so we kept trying to take stuff back out of the car to check. Then we decided it would be best if Genevieve and me played in the backyard for a while.

I napped!

Finally we decided to go. We even got to help pump up the kayaks. though mommy didn't think the names me and Genevieve came up with were all that good.
Here you have me and Evie and Genevieve practicing paddling in Sea Monster Dragonor (okay mommy doesn't like that name but I'm gonna call it that anyway.
So Mommy, Evie and me had the gray kayak and Genevieve and her mom had the other one - Firebolt

Then we went back to our broken house and had a great picnic in the backyard.

On the way home mommy said we needed to shop for dinner and I said I would make dinner! So mommy let me and Evie pick the stuff for dinner.

I picked Donuts, potatoes, cucumber and multiple colored peppers.

Donuts, coocumber, donuts, milk and apples. Oh and I think we should get donuts.

(we didn't get donuts) I think mommy was ignoring our cooking genius!

Here is what I made for dinner: 2 cucumbers take off that dark green outer stuff (mommy got to help with that) and cut in discs -then have mommy cut in half.
Add a little salt
Then a quarter of red, orange and yellow pepper. Cut some into small pieces and some in strips and mix up.
Then make some pasta the twirly rotory stuff (Rotini)
take out the water and put in some butter. sprinkle some cheese and put the pepper/cucumber mix on the pasta and yum!

I make dinner tomorrow! beans and cheese and um...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rain and our broken house

Camping was really fun except for waking a bit wet. Not cause of any issue, but because it Rained SO hard that the rain flap hit the tent letting water in.

But Evie slept through it and I did too even when mommy moved me from my tent to her tent with Ms. Carol and Evie and Z. Apparently Eli went ahead and slept inside...which is good or where would I have slept?

Oh and we got to go check in on our broken house today.
and evie and I got to play lots with the new floorboards and see what the inside looks like and I am thinking I want a good sciency room... like Wild Kratts have!


There was camping and we were at Z and E's house and we got to camp in their backyard.
But then we got to play lots and there was Smore's and Evie and Ellie got to be in a story about to friends from the land of Nor and ...well okay.

Watermelon! Yeah tents and dinosaurs and Horsey liked playing but there were flyey thingies and um eck ants!

Okay so Evie was not sure about the mosquitos but I told her what mommy told me that there weren't enough mosquitos to carry us off so we would be okay.
Sweatheart!!!!!! Heeeheeheeheeheee Haha!

I should tell you that Sweatheart is our pet Giant Squid and Eli and Evie thought it was the best game to grab him and run to the end of the hallway giggling then run back again. Aw, they were so cute.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oops sorry!

Its been a crazy couple of months hence the break in blogging - working to get some new stories and photos up!

A snakey kind of day!

S E R P A N T S!
We found a show on snakes and there is a tiger snake, king cobra snake, the horned snake, the lion snake and others. These snakes eat lizards and birds and chicks.

Some snakes eat BATS! and they snatch them out of the air with giant teeth!
I was martin (from the wild kratts) and I changed into a snake where I watched my temperature to be a water hunter.

I a snake! Hisssssss

I played on my bike, it was a snake. And my scooter snake eated mice, rats, bats, birds and other snakes. And I got chased by a T-rex, but they can't eat snakes.

Draw feet! make monsters footprints

Evie means we trace our feet and make them like monster feet.

Oops snakes are back on, time to... CAMOFLOUGE! viper

OH and we had breakfast tacos! (though I made nachos instead)
Taco shell
yogurt with green sprinkles
Apples in cinnamon, then tastiness!