Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eins, zwei... oh a kitty!

So Serena and her brother go to visit their cousin Max...
This is how my new learn German tape starts. Mom found it for me its got stories and illustrations and its really cool! I already know Hallo! (which is like Hello... but different) and I sort of know good morning (Guten Morgen) and I know ball (which is ball but said different) oh and suppe (which is soup).

Though its kind of tough to get the tape to continue playing when Evie keeps trying to turn off the player. Sisters, they just don't understand...

Gravity tests with Tape thingy
Oh, cheerios, yum.
more gravity tests with tape thingy!
While Sloan has been practicing his german I figured out how to climb into my walker/plaything all by myself!
Oops, I ended up backwards... how to... if I can... Waah!
Okay so mom put things right and I got to play in there for a bit, then back to randomly pulling things off the table and trying to run over cat's tails... ah, nap time.

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