Monday, May 17, 2010

Its a birthday kind of day

My friend Honor is 1 year old! And what a wonderful party her family threw her. Why there were bubbles and balloons and cupcakes and presents!
Sloan got to play with his friend Henry and have lots of fun.

We even got to have lots of fun enjoying the weather by biking over to the party. Though dad did say things like... I didn't know there were hills...and ugh where did those muscles come from?

Wow, a fun ride and a REALLY LARGE Cupcake! The best part was the chocolate cupcake and playing Uno with Henry.

Oh and seeing Daddy collapse after our bike ride. Though it was very bumpy and that wasn't so good.
My friend Zander also had a birthday party that day but sadly I had to miss it. So Happy Birthday Zander!

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