Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome to the Lamb Bam Club!

Well for Mother's day weekend we went up to visit Jubba and Grandma Stanley.
Yeah I know it was mom's day and that they get the good stuff, but Jubba had found me this totally rockin' drum set at a Salvation Army. (Daddy actually tried to say it would stay at Jubba's - he's so funny).

Here are some shots of Evelyn and I rockin' out. We don't sound that great yet - but we are having lots of fun!
Boom Boom ratta tat! Sloan is protective of his drum set but he let's me play it sometimes when I'm cute (and when he wants to play the piano of course.)

This is just a pic that Sloan and Mommy took of Daddy, Jubba and I walking up to the local Coffee shop. We were giving Grandma some much needed naptime.

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