Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lamb/Stanley fest of excitement!

We're going to Grandma and Juba's house!
We're going to Grandma and Jubas.
We're going to see some cousins
and maybe have some cake!

Getting some krispy kremes for Jubba and Aidric's birthday (testing one!)

Jubba reading to us!
Cousin Aria and me sleeping... we are SOOO cute

Daddy! and finding Nemo

We celebrated birthdays, seeing cousins, both my Stanley Uncles and then we all got sick with a stomach buggie. That was not fun. But we got lots of stories and that made it better.

Well we must apologize...

..we Really must apologize for not posting in such a very long time. Things have gotten away from us what with the house getting rebuild and then school year finishing up then summer. But we will try to go back over the next few months and both update their adventures and add new ones in. Thanks for being patient. -Mom Note