Friday, May 27, 2011

It rains it poos! I mean pours

Mommy and Daddy refuse to put pictures up on this post. Daddy spends his time staring at walls and shuddering.

I got to meet some very nice men with really big equipment to fix the potty.

And daddy said that Yes, I know the package says flushable. Yes, I know that's what they are for. NO you should NOT flush all of them at once! This new potty is brought to you by... Your lego fund.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cycle or life or...

...or as I like to say "Mommy whys that animal in the road?"

As some of you know mommy has been biking me to school now that the weather's nice. But the other day we passed this creature (mommy says its an Opossum) and its just laying there. Well she told me that what this was a part of death. (Which is actually a part of life) Okay I was confused too.

So we pulled into a 7-11 and she got us each a slurpee (Evie even got her own). And we sat on the curb to talk about life and death. I don't really get it. But I know that sometimes animals (and people) are done with this life and its time for them to move on. My friend H's dog had to do this too. But mommy said that the cycle is kind of like this:
Babies born. (new life)
grow and explore and eat (live)
Die and gradually become dirt
seed grows in the dirt, becomes food
New baby eats food...cycle starts again.

Now every day we pass by that opossum fellow and Evie and I are watching it become dirt (or part of the earth)
That's pretty cool! Icky but cool

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vroom, splash and MOM!

Mother's day is here! And Daddy says that Mommy gets to tell us what to do.... um...I didn't know she got a special day for that.

Mommy decided she wanted to watch F1 racing, then put our boats on the bike and take them to the river to go kayaking. I'm good with that cause I suggested the play area and picnic after.

Hehe that's Evie she likes the boats. It was a great time on the water. We got to chase ducks and swans and I saw fish and we raced daddy and we forgot the picnic at home but mommy had some snacks so we ate those and well... um... OH and then we went for ice cream and it was really fun!
Happy mommy's day mommy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Tea!

Today mommy got to come to my school to have a teaparty with my class.
Okay all my class um.. kids in my class moms got to come and there was even a dad... cause that girls mom couldn't stop work and so then and....

Oh right, so I got to show mom all the really cool things that I made for her this week in school and there was a poem and a bowl and then an alphabet booka nd a my mommy is cool because book and sing songs and my mom is special cause she plays velociraptor catch with me.

And other stuff... okay happy mothers day ...can I have your cookie?
Mommy: didn't you make it for me?
Sloan: yeah, this one too. Can I have it?
Mommy: (at this point he already has and is eating it) Can you share at least?
Sloan: (handing me a tiny crumb) sure. I love you
Mommy: I love you too Sloan (contain giggling)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

March for Babies!

A wonderful time was had by all. We did a different walk this year. In the past we have walked the Troy one, but this year walked with Sloan's friend Henry at Kensington Park. A very nice walk was had by alland I didn't need to worry about kids running to the streets.

Henry and Sloan even finished with a rock skipping contest.