Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day!

First day of School.
Got my favorite Lizard shirt and racing pants.
My lunch is packed and my backpack is ready.
Breakfast was good and I'm really excited!
Got both my parents ready to go and... here we go!

I have decided I will be the alarm clock for everyone today. I happily woke everyone up at 6:30
(a good thing too or they would have been rushing around trying to get Sloan ready for school).
Um and I got tasty pancakes for my help.
I'm not sure what its all about, with the pictures and the rushing ad the crazy.

I wonder who is in my class? Will Mrs. G remember me?
Find my locker and find my seat, get my nametag on. Start coloring my pirate ship -
Oh hey, there's Joey, gotta go say hi.
Now its time for the parents to leave - have a good day Mom and Dad and Evie (no you can't stay with me, school is just for big kids but I'll tell you about it at home).

Gosh I hope they do alright without me - sometimes I worry about them so much. Evie said she'd watch em, but parents can be trouble.

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