Sunday, August 7, 2011

A snakey kind of day!

S E R P A N T S!
We found a show on snakes and there is a tiger snake, king cobra snake, the horned snake, the lion snake and others. These snakes eat lizards and birds and chicks.

Some snakes eat BATS! and they snatch them out of the air with giant teeth!
I was martin (from the wild kratts) and I changed into a snake where I watched my temperature to be a water hunter.

I a snake! Hisssssss

I played on my bike, it was a snake. And my scooter snake eated mice, rats, bats, birds and other snakes. And I got chased by a T-rex, but they can't eat snakes.

Draw feet! make monsters footprints

Evie means we trace our feet and make them like monster feet.

Oops snakes are back on, time to... CAMOFLOUGE! viper

OH and we had breakfast tacos! (though I made nachos instead)
Taco shell
yogurt with green sprinkles
Apples in cinnamon, then tastiness!

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