Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kayaking and cooking!

While really I just wanted to stay at home for the day. You know, watch Wild Kratts and eat cheerios, but mommy said we needed to go do something and my friend Genevieve and her mom wanted to go kayaking with us.


Okay so I finally decided we should do was pretty fun.
Evie and I had to make sure mommy got everything we would need so we kept trying to take stuff back out of the car to check. Then we decided it would be best if Genevieve and me played in the backyard for a while.

I napped!

Finally we decided to go. We even got to help pump up the kayaks. though mommy didn't think the names me and Genevieve came up with were all that good.
Here you have me and Evie and Genevieve practicing paddling in Sea Monster Dragonor (okay mommy doesn't like that name but I'm gonna call it that anyway.
So Mommy, Evie and me had the gray kayak and Genevieve and her mom had the other one - Firebolt

Then we went back to our broken house and had a great picnic in the backyard.

On the way home mommy said we needed to shop for dinner and I said I would make dinner! So mommy let me and Evie pick the stuff for dinner.

I picked Donuts, potatoes, cucumber and multiple colored peppers.

Donuts, coocumber, donuts, milk and apples. Oh and I think we should get donuts.

(we didn't get donuts) I think mommy was ignoring our cooking genius!

Here is what I made for dinner: 2 cucumbers take off that dark green outer stuff (mommy got to help with that) and cut in discs -then have mommy cut in half.
Add a little salt
Then a quarter of red, orange and yellow pepper. Cut some into small pieces and some in strips and mix up.
Then make some pasta the twirly rotory stuff (Rotini)
take out the water and put in some butter. sprinkle some cheese and put the pepper/cucumber mix on the pasta and yum!

I make dinner tomorrow! beans and cheese and um...

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