Tuesday, August 9, 2011


There was camping and we were at Z and E's house and we got to camp in their backyard.
But then we got to play lots and there was Smore's and Evie and Ellie got to be in a story about to friends from the land of Nor and ...well okay.

Watermelon! Yeah tents and dinosaurs and Horsey liked playing but there were flyey thingies and um eck ants!

Okay so Evie was not sure about the mosquitos but I told her what mommy told me that there weren't enough mosquitos to carry us off so we would be okay.
Sweatheart!!!!!! Heeeheeheeheeheee Haha!

I should tell you that Sweatheart is our pet Giant Squid and Eli and Evie thought it was the best game to grab him and run to the end of the hallway giggling then run back again. Aw, they were so cute.

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