Friday, August 12, 2011

Loudness is right

So today Evie and me thought we would really liven the day up.
First there was fighting about breakfast. That's right we wouldn't eat anything but Honey Nut Cheerios!

Oh mommy has ham!

Um, right, right up till mommy brought out some ham. but then there were the pancakes. which were okay I guess but they needed more syrup.. and apples.

No appls! Am more am!

So after breakfasts fun, we though we would do a little 1-2 action. First trash the house, then randomly start screaming and yelling no. I know seems like its not much, but we needed to do something. Evie and me thought this would be good for boredom til my friend H got here.

Oh oh! Mommy Henry? Honor?

Oh but why not? How come? NOOOOOOOOOOO
Oh man, no Henry and no Honor cause of the screaming I guess.

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