Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crap its what year?!

Okay so much as Evie and I have done lots of cute things recently it has taken mom a while to get back to updating this blog. Yell at her, she just sends me to bed.

Shame she cares so little about Evie and I's adoring public.

Tee hee, AAAAHHH!

Ah, Evie says I we should do a synopsis.

Evie turned 7 months, works on furniture walking. I wrote my first novel for national novel writing month (they loved it at the TGIO party).
We got to hang out and party at the zoo with Big H and little H. I taught Evie how much fun it is to play in laundry baskets. And of course thanksgiving where I shared a cold I got at school with the whole family (and grandma and jubba). Decided not to share with grandma and grandpa Lamb.
Evie discovers how much she loves bagels! and how much she HATES flu shots.
Best was a field trip with school to the Turtle farm - which had LOTS more to look at than just turtles.

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