Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crap its what year?! part 2

Well, that was november and I figured I'd make it easy and do a seperate post for December.

So this month Evie turns 8 months.


And says a word. Now I should add that she's been saying 'Dada" but I think mom already posted that. Now every once in a while she will repeat something that I say. Like present.


Yes, well so December was the month that Mom and I created the Earth. (For those who didn't know, it consists of Icing, Chocolate and Cheese). We made 3 versions. We've gotten some ideas for other versions, but the current ones were very tasty.

We also had lots of fun over christmas. I think by the New Years Evie and I had had 3 or 4 holiday parties. Its hard to decide what is the best gift though in the end I think the leap frog books win. (the large riding dinosaur is definately a close second). And I even got to see Santa in the Santa house. Then I got to do some puzzles and lots of sledding and tobogganing.

So then we had a friend of mom's staying with us. There was music, games and all sorts of fun things.

Oh and Evie had her very first Blueberry muffin.

The weekend culminated in Evie having a new word:

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