Monday, September 14, 2009


Well the first day of the school year is here!
So Mom and Evie and I biked down -gosh I forgot how bumpy that road is!
But so much fun seeing my favorite teachers again and lots of the kids from last years class were there again and I got to play dinosaurs and super heroes and went outside and ...well we had lots of fun!

Hm, Sloan certainly was excited about school. It looked pretty interesting, and I got to see another baby like myself (only 9 months) I remember meeting her shortly after I was born. Emmy is the sister of a friend of Sloan's and it sure was nice to see her after so long.

After mom and I dropped Sloan off, we biked over to see a friend of moms. That was fun, I got to watch transformers and meet Zach. Then it was back to pick him up and the bike started having issues... well I had a good trip, though I think mom needed a nap by the time we got home. Oops, off to get lost under the couch

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