Tuesday, September 29, 2009

fall frollicking!

Mom is so excited about it being fall that it has been very difficult for Sloan and I to get her to sit down & write a blog. This weekend we had a great time hanging out on saturday at the Yates Cider Mill. It was fun, we got to hang out with Sloan's friend Genevieve and her mom and Mom and Dad's friends Mr. Gary (or the Bratzel as Sloan calls him) and Mr. Russ and Mr. Trevor. (Who did a wonderful job corralling both my brother and his friend. actually they all did).

Lots of fun with donuts and cider and there was this band wearing lots of fur and with instruments... loud but cool.

Fife and drum core, that's what Evie means by the lots of fur comment. Mom got some fun video but she needs to finalize the disk. Genevieve and I had lots of fun running up and down the river path.

But mostly we enjoyed the donuts!

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