Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Tea!

Today mommy got to come to my school to have a teaparty with my class.
Okay all my class um.. kids in my class moms got to come and there was even a dad... cause that girls mom couldn't stop work and so then and....

Oh right, so I got to show mom all the really cool things that I made for her this week in school and there was a poem and a bowl and then an alphabet booka nd a my mommy is cool because book and sing songs and my mom is special cause she plays velociraptor catch with me.

And other stuff... okay happy mothers day ...can I have your cookie?
Mommy: didn't you make it for me?
Sloan: yeah, this one too. Can I have it?
Mommy: (at this point he already has and is eating it) Can you share at least?
Sloan: (handing me a tiny crumb) sure. I love you
Mommy: I love you too Sloan (contain giggling)

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