Thursday, November 5, 2009

In search of...

So after school, I thought it would be fun if we went for a hike. So mommy bundled up Evie and I and we went to Waterford Oaks (a local park). Now one would think that a park that says it has lots of paths would be nice and fun.

Instead it became an adventure.
We were in search of a good path to explore, one we had not gone on before.
What we found:
leaves... lots of leaves
the BMX trail
the swimming pool
water slide
constructon workers
play area under construction
cold hands
more leaves
picnic tables
canadian geese
a goat (well actually no)

what we did not find:
a path

so we are still left with only knowing one path in this park. We shall try again another day, when mommy stops muttering to herself.

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