Thursday, November 5, 2009

Awesomeness thy name is Sloan!...

Awesomeness thy name is Sloan!... and Evie is training to be chok full of the awesome as well. (the management)

Yeah so I thought I'd give the folks a break and be really great. I have created at least two new versions of parcheesi (okay most involve the animals doing roller skating and cage fighting... but its fun.
Had a good day, helped mom with morning pancakes and feeding Evie and it was lots of fun.

I was coasting on the cuteness. I think my teeth are acting up! So I chewed on a bagel... and the cat. But I got to hang out with my buddy Zach today while mom chatted with his dad. We had fun. I learned to roll a ball back and forth. Well, zach would roll the ball to me and I'd cleverly deflect it so he had to run. Fun game.

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