Friday, August 21, 2009

Pool party and Frogs

Yeah I have to go help Mommy buy a present for my friend Genevieve, its her birthday party today! (Her birthday was actually yesterday -so mom tells me. I don't believe it, I think what ever day has the party and cake is her birthday). I'm hoping my birthday is tomorrow!

Well, I made mommy go to two different stores to find Genevieve some frogs (which she likes) I kept wanting to get a dinosaur... its kind of the same. But mommy said she really wants a frog so there you go.

There were lots of kids to play with, and pool noodles to use as swords and then there was my being a dragon and the girls all decided to be princesses and the other two boys decided they wanted to be dinos and then there was cake and more playing and then I wanted to play princess's... but it was time to go home.

So once home I played dragon knight with daddy.

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