Monday, August 31, 2009

Crazy week had by all

Wow a busy week Evie and I had, what with the visiting and the temper throwing and the playing with cousin Aria.

Yeah I had to give grandma a couple of rough nights so she would better like my cuteness. Sloan and I worked out a system so when I was not throwing up or screaming... he was. It worked pretty well.

But it was great to see everyone, Tio Chris and to meet Tia Lorena (she's very nice, I hope she keeps him). Uncle Nick and Cousin Aria came down to play and we all had lots of fun. Mostly the adults seemed to watch Aria and I play and make a mess - it amused them and periodically frustrated them... so our job was done well.

Mom says she will post pics soon, but they are on the camera that is not easily downloadable.

Happy apple, cat, toys that go rattle, new quilts to play on and new people to use my cuteness upon.

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