Friday, January 27, 2012

Wild Wild Wild Sloan! (with dinosaurs)

7 I'm now 7 years old!
And to celebrate I had a cool Wild Kratts themed party where instead of getting creature (animal) powers we got DINOSAUR powers!

School was even a half day today! Yeah that's cool and so my friends got to come over really early in the day so we got to have lots of fun on my actual birthday. And there were games and dinosaur cupcakes with dinosaur sprinkles and games and gifts (yeah the gifts were cool!)

Presents? My turn presents?

Yeah Evie was really sad that she didn't get presents (she got some and she helped me open some) but she was still sad. But she liked the game so that made her forget presents.

Everyone got a cool Wild Kratts power vest! And lots of dino power badges-we had to do something to earn each of them. For the T-Rex carnivore badge we had to eat 3 dinosaur nuggets ROARRR yummy!

Oh if we ate goldfish we got the Spinosaurus or Pteranadon badge (both really like fish you know) and eating veggies got you the Triceratops (herbivore badge).
Then there was the ankylasaurus badge (I wore a laundry basket on my head and crawled to the dining room while daddy tried to hit me with a nerf gun! Hee hee so fun!

This is one of the power vests with the Martin Kratt sock puppet mommy made.

Here is all of the Wild Kratt characters: Aviva, Koki, Jimmy Z, Martin Kratt and Chris Kratt

We did have some angry birds too!

So mommy said she's putting stuff together as a video but... I'd wait and see if she does. So come back and see!

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