Friday, April 15, 2011

Box Castles and Fly boats =Birthday!

We even had a party to prove it.

Baoons! Baoons! (Evie means Balloons of course)
Castles! Color!

Hm, okay Evie means that we had cool castles out of boxes and there were these balloons that had boats and the boats had little stuffed animals (everyone gotto take one home... I got the worm!) Andthen Honor and Henry's mom got these cool markers so everyone got to color on the boxes... it was pretty cool.
But there were some times when Zander and me and Henry needed to show the sisters and Sammie how to use some of the new toys. I didn't want Evie to play with the new castle till it gets a princess or queen forit. Oops gotta go show her how stickers work.... no really!

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